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"...As a single mom, with more love for my children than I'll ever be able to express, asking Barb for help and guidance, was the best thing I did to jumpstart a better life for all of us."

- Kimberly Fletcher

"I learned more from Barb in 8 sessions than I have from various other counsellors and groups. She kept me on track and focused on what needed to be addressed in my life and personality so I wouldn't keep making the same mistakes that always ended up hurting me..."

- Rosalind Reid

No Limits Tele-Summit

I'm very excited to be part of the No Limits Tele-Summit! I'm just one of a group of experts who are contributing their knowledge to help you live your life beyond limits. I do hope you'll check it out and participate!

For my part, I am offering a free half hour coaching session to all those who sign up for the tele-summit. Just for for visiting my web site today, I've decided to make this offer available to you, as my gift.

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A Modern Resource for Today's Parents

Parenting can be viewed as a science that evolves just as any other area of study. Today, we have a variety of tools available to us that were unheard of when we were growing up.

Here at, coach Barbara Desmarais combines self development, education and parenting theory to provide a modern resource for today's parents. She knows being a great parent goes far beyond knowing effective discipline strategies. Barb takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of your life and your child's life before offering a parenting plan. It's never a one-size-fits all solution. She also applies her knowledge of the Law of Attraction in her coaching to help parents create exactly the home environment they want.

In addition to coaching, Barb has created a variety of inexpensive, downloadable products designed to help you make your parenting experience (and your children's childhood) the best that is can be. Please be sure to check out the Products page to learn more about her highly informative e-course, e-books, and audio offerings that will teach you:

  • How to raise your children without yelling, spanking or nagging
  • How to raise your child's self esteem
  • Sign language for babies

Barb is regularly featured in Canada's leading parenting magazine, Today's Parent.

Barbara Desmarais is also available to present workshops and teleclasses to your group that deal with the most pressing issues parents face today. With the rising popularity of social networking sites, blogs and how easy it is to create a low cost family website, all the information can be easily shared with friends and loved ones if distance is a problem.

Are you a parent who is thinking...

  • How do I deal with temper tantrums?
  • How do I discipline my toddler?
  • How do I stop my children from fighting?
  • How do I handle my teenager?
  • How can I teach my children to be responsible?
  • I want to stop yelling but don't know what else to do.
  • I want to stop spanking but don't know what else to do.
  • I want to stop nagging!

Maybe a parenting coach is exactly what you're looking for!

Learn more about Parent Coaching and see if Coaching is right for you. Contact Barb Desmarais to arrange a consultation. CLICK HERE!

"Ideally, discipline is not imposing controls. It's helping children control themselves, a goal best achieved when they feel respected, accepted, understood, and loved." - Fredelle Maynard

"Parents teach in the toughest school in the world - the school for making people."
- Virginia Satir

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